This year’s Christmas present from my son, Brendan, was a book titled: Radical Technologies: The Design of Everyday Life by Adam Greenfield. With a glance at the Table of Contents, I thought the book will be a resource for the NoSlackr blog.

The first chapter is the Smartphone – the network of the self. Since I use my iPhone a lot, it made sense to write about the technology I use daily. I am a big fan of apps with good design and practical use, such as paying for coffee, ordering at my favorite restaurant, or purchasing an airline ticket and boarding a flight.

The author, Adam Greenfield, states: “We find that a great many of the things city dwellers once relied upon to manage everyday life as recently as ten years ago have by now been subsumed by a single object, the mobile phone. This single platform swallowed most all the other things people once had floating around in their pockets and purses, and in so doing, it became something else entirely.” I agree. My large purse from 10+ years ago is in the past. I travel light these days – iPhone, keys, lip balm.

Adam also reminds us that there is a price for using this radical technology: sharing our data and privacy. So “yes,” my iPhone is too smart!

3 responses to “Is My iPhone Too Smart?”

  1. writegardener Avatar

    Better you than me for so adeptly handling technology. I apparently bought a “dumb” phone rather than a smart one as “Hey Google” often responds with incorrect answers or not at all. Admittedly, I’m a self-proclaimed neo-Luddite. And much more happily so. 🙂

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  2. karen greenough Avatar

    Sounds like an interesting book! So many books, so little time!

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  3. kennieb Avatar

    Technology has also done something else – eliminated jobs. As one who was pushed out of jobs due to technology, I truly sympathise with those who have lost theirs. Technology also forced me into retirement earlier than I wanted. Yes, I use technology, but only because it has been forced upon me and everyone else. I am, by the way, older than Google and very definitely much older than SMART PHONES.

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