What is Social Collaboration?

Since the NoSlackr blog goal is to engage in “Social Collaboration,” I thought it would be good to post a blog on what defines this topic. The short answer is: If you are reading this blog and you want to comment, share, or “like” the blog, you are engaging in social collaboration šŸ™‚ Fundamentally, Social Collaboration isContinue reading “What is Social Collaboration?”

PODS will Vaxx for COVID-19

It is a Saturday morning in December and two weeks from Christmas. Usually, I would be shopping at the mall for gifts and having a nice lunch at one of the restaurants. But not in the year 2020. I just completed Zoom training as a Virginia Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) volunteer. The Commonwealth of VirginiaContinue reading “PODS will Vaxx for COVID-19”

First Blog Post – December 2020

As a new member of the WordPress.com community, I will repurpose the prompts from the Blogging for Beginners course. Why are you blogging publicly instead of keeping a diary? I have been a consultant for 30+ years and most of my writing has been for business purposes. As I prepare to transition to life afterContinue reading “First Blog Post – December 2020”