First Strike – Preparing For Your Elevator Pitch

Introducing yourself to strangers may feel awkward or entirely terrifying for you. Or, it can be like a natural conversation with your friends or family. All it takes is planning and practicing; then, it will be a natural conversation with repetition. In the book, Small Message, Big Impact. How To Put The Power Of TheContinue reading “First Strike – Preparing For Your Elevator Pitch”

Warming Up: Why Do I Need An Elevator Pitch?

Over my career, I was asked to introduce myself in job interviews, meetings, and conferences. As a recent college graduate and young professional, my introduction was usually my name and where I worked. As I progressed to jobs in management and leadership roles, I would add my title as I greeted others. Then one day,Continue reading “Warming Up: Why Do I Need An Elevator Pitch?”

What is Social Collaboration?

Since the NoSlackr blog goal is to engage in “Social Collaboration,” I thought it would be good to post a blog on what defines this topic. The short answer is: If you are reading this blog and you want to comment, share, or “like” the blog, you are engaging in social collaboration šŸ™‚ Fundamentally, Social Collaboration isContinue reading “What is Social Collaboration?”

MRC Is Here

“Hello, step up to the blue circle on the floor. I need you to do three things before going into the room for vaccination. First, take off your jacket. Second, roll up your sleeve. Third, take all of your belongings into the vaccination station where you will receive your COVID shot – and don’t forgetContinue reading “MRC Is Here”

Is My iPhone Too Smart?

This year’s Christmas present from my son, Brendan, was a book titled: Radical Technologies: The Design of Everyday Life by Adam Greenfield. With a glance at the Table of Contents, I thought the book will be a resource for the NoSlackr blog. The first chapter is the Smartphone – the network of the self.Continue reading “Is My iPhone Too Smart?”

PODS will Vaxx for COVID-19

It is a Saturday morning in December and two weeks from Christmas. Usually, I would be shopping at the mall for gifts and having a nice lunch at one of the restaurants. But not in the year 2020. I just completed Zoom training as a Virginia Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) volunteer. The Commonwealth of VirginiaContinue reading “PODS will Vaxx for COVID-19”

First Blog Post – December 2020

As a new member of the community, I will repurpose the prompts from the Blogging for Beginners course. Why are you blogging publicly instead of keeping a diary? I have been a consultant for 30+ years and most of my writing has been for business purposes. As I prepare to transition to life afterContinue reading “First Blog Post – December 2020”