What is Social Collaboration?

Since the NoSlackr blog goal is to engage in “Social Collaboration,” I thought it would be good to post a blog on what defines this topic. The short answer is: If you are reading this blog and you want to comment, share, or “like” the blog, you are engaging in social collaboration 🙂

Fundamentally, Social Collaboration is sharing content face-to-face or on a digital platform where others can interact. It is a Group Centric way of communicating, creating, and sharing with a community. The Wikipedia article defines Social Collaboration as: “…the processes that help multiple people or groups interact and share information to achieve common goals.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_collaboration

As a consultant and salesperson, I have had some experience with social collaboration that has only brought positive and high-quality outcomes to solving problems, creating solutions, or selling. For example, I have worked with diverse teams of consultants that work together to solve client/customer problems. The typical process is:

  1. Meet in person or online. The topic is what is the target problem or sales objective.  
  2. Brainstorm, whiteboard, or engage in Design Thinking activities as a team. The group can decide to work together synchronously or asynchronously but always in a transparent and co-creative community. This is where the “special sauce” is made when working socially and collaboratively.
  3. Draft/Finalize deliverables or sales plans. Deadlines drive the pace of how fast or slow the team reaches the final work product or solution. I can say that when high-performing teams work in a social collaboration environment, the pace is accelerated, and results are exceptional.
  4. Follow up or continue the networking onto the next project or group activity. Social Collaboration in Consulting or Sales provides an environment for continuous learning and improvement.  

When it comes to online Social Collaboration, many digital platforms are popular with businesses, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Drive, Box, and more. The acceleration with Work From Home (WFH) has driven adoption to these platforms. Sharing of content is also a huge benefit of digital social collaboration. Personally, my productivity has increased with a decrease in dedicating time on my schedule to meet on a specific topic when the community within a Slack channel can provide me a response or the content I need.

I look forward to seeing how Social Collaboration evolves as the Post Pandemic New Normal transitions the workforce into hybrid work environments. There is no doubt that digital platforms will grow in how consultants and sales professionals work day-to-day.

Published by Peggy McShane

Digital Engagement Executive, advocate, advisor, and technology innovation consultant. Wife, mom, sports and dog lover. #ENFJ

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