One of the hot topics that I am encountering these days in business is “personal branding” as digital selling is more critical than ever. So what is Personal Branding, and why is it important to your career in sales or business?

When I started my career in consulting years ago, one of my mentors suggested that I develop “my executive voice”. I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant, so I began looking for books and classes on the topic. After searching and asking colleagues if they had any suggestions or examples of executive voice, I discovered that I needed to communicate with confidence and speak with a point of view as a consultant. Their advice included not only my verbal communications but also how I presented my physical self. That was an “ah-ha” moment in my career that was instrumental in discovering my personal brand.

Today, personal branding is who we are in the digital space. We interact and engage personally and professionally via text messaging, social media, video conferencing, blogging, vlogging, podcasting, and more. Our audience is now broader and more transparent than ever before. So it is more important than ever before to be authentic with your brand.
Shelly Lazarus, Chairman Emeritus of Ogilvy & Mather, said it best in this article in Harvard Business Review:
Shelly’s recommendation to “be yourself” is solid advice to anyone in business, sales, or even in our personal lives.

As an emerging blogger, I look forward to engaging with the online community with authenticity and enthusiasm to share. More to come in 2021!

7 responses to “U Be You”

  1. chrismcbeth Avatar

    Good luck. Yes one of my online “advisors” tells me to seek out “devotion” as a concept both in my life and online. Right up there next to my passions (music) and my need to explore and share health and healing advice! Keep on writing!


  2. jeremyjlhill Avatar

    This is very timely. The Covid- 19 crisis has left many people, myself included, having to rethink their career paths. For freelancers, personal branding is a major part of this and one that I shall be working on in the New Year. So, I’ll be following your blog with great interest. Thank you!

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    1. Peggy McShane Avatar

      Thanks for the follow @jeremyjlhil. Best to you in 2021 🙂


  3. KTintheKZoo Avatar

    Well said. No matter how far we run from it, we are what we post. Just like face to face life, if we take a second and think about what we are about to say, we could worry less about what others think and worry more about just being authentic.

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  4. karen greenough Avatar

    This is inspirational, Peggy! Thanks!

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  5. clarkie71 Avatar

    When I first started my blog my first reaction was “who is going to read this?”. One of my early posts got a negative message. Somebody took the time to just write “so?” because I was blogging about concerts I had been to and was writing about them.

    I took a step back and thought “is this for me and do I want to get negative traffic?”. After speaking to a friend who is experienced in social media he told me to ignore the negatives and focus on the positives. You write how you feel and what is means to you.

    Since then I have expanded my blog, putting a voice to how music influences my life and general wellbeing especially during Covid-19 as I found a voice to share what I was listening to with other music fans and it has sparked a bit of interest.

    Hope we can learn from each other while doing the course.


  6. Candy Keane | Geek Mamas Avatar

    That’s one thing I love about blogging – it’s your own space to just be yourself. I post sponsored articles and that sort of thing too (pays the bills) but I get the most interaction for my personal posts, where I’m just being myself and writing honestly. The other stuff I just consider the blog’s “commercials” lol


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